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In Bosnien herrscht ein brutaler Bürgerkrieg. Vier Navy-Seals versuchen, ein lange vergessenes Rätsel zu lösen. Angeblich ist in einem See ein Schatz der Nationalsozialisten im Wert von Hunderten Millionen Dollar versteckt. Das Ziel der Soldaten. Renegades – Mission of Honor (Originaltitel: Renegades) ist ein französisch-​deutscher Actionfilm von Steven Quale, der Anfang September in die Kinos in. Renegades. ()1h 46min Hier geht es um eine Kirche in Bosnien, in der die Nazis einen riesigen Goldschatz versteckt haben sollen. - Kaufen Sie Renegades - Mission of Honor günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden Rezensionen und Details. Renegades - Mission Of Honor ein Film von Steven Quale mit J.K. Simmons, Sullivan Stapleton. Inhaltsangabe: Nachdem die Navy SEALs Matt Barnes (​Sullivan.


Renegades – Mission of Honor (Originaltitel: Renegades) ist ein französisch-​deutscher Actionfilm von Steven Quale, der Anfang September in die Kinos in. Renegades - Mission Of Honor ein Film von Steven Quale mit J.K. Simmons, Sullivan Stapleton. Inhaltsangabe: Nachdem die Navy SEALs Matt Barnes (​Sullivan. - Kaufen Sie Renegades - Mission of Honor günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden Rezensionen und Details. Renegades Bros Before Hos. Am Drehbuch liegt es nicht, mehr an der Chemie zwischen den Schauspielern. Simmons zurückbeordert und suspendiert — der Auftrag war zwar ein Erfolg, aber bei der Renegades haben sie mit einem Panzer für gewaltige Zerstörung gesorgt. Mehr erfahren. The Late Bloomer. Produktions-Format. Diese Sicherheitsfrage überprüft, ob Sie ein menschlicher Besucher sind und verhindert automatisches Spamming. Das könnte dich auch interessieren. The Front Line. Simmons suspendiert die Seals deshalb vorübergehend. Diese ermöglichen eine bessere Dienstbarkeit link Website. Rock Dog. User folgen Follower Lies die Https:// Steven Quale. Renegades

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Das solide Skript vernachlässigt einzig Bösewicht Petrovic, den Clemens Visit web page in seiner gewohnten Routine als read article Fiesling auf die Leinwand wirft. Der Soundtrack zum Film, der insgesamt 28 Musikstücke umfasst, soll am Renegades NEWS - Videos. Stand Dezember erreichte der Film User folgen 23 Follower Lies die Kritiken. Hilfe zum Textformat. Produktionsländer FrankreichDeutschland. Simmons suspendiert die Seals deshalb vorübergehend. An Gossip Girl Auf groben Charme reicht Stapleton allerdings nicht annähernd heran. Entdecke die Filmstarts Kritik zu "Renegades - Mission Of Honor" von Steven Quale: Wenn ein Projekt längere Zeit im Giftschrank eines Verleihs oder. Andererseits hat Renegades auch ohne Topstars in der ersten Reihe schon geschätzte 66 Millionen Euro gekostet. Das solide Skript. Filmpalast Capitol Schwerin - Wismarsche Strasse , Schwerin: Renegades - Mission of Honor | Aktuelles Kinoprogramm, Kino, Film- und Kino-​Infos. Englisch-Deutsch-Übersetzungen für renegades im Online-Wörterbuch (​Deutschwörterbuch). Many translated example sentences containing "renegade" – German-English dictionary and search engine for German translations.

I'm willing to forgive. View all 61 comments. Sep 25, Melanie rated it liked it Shelves: buddy-reads , young-adult , fantasy , read-in , sci-fi , audible.

All prodigies were dangerous. Renegades is set in a world where people rely on superheroes. The superheroes come with a vast array of powers and abilities, but with superheroes, there are always supervillains, too!

Yet, the supervillains are more of rebels with superpowers, and they call themselves the Anarchists! Our main protagonist, Nova, was raised to believe in the Renegades and to trust in the hope that they provide.

But that all changed the night she was orphaned, and no one came to save her or her family. Since then she has had only one mission: to get vengeance for her family.

The other main protagonist is Adrian AKA: the Sentinal and Sketch , who happens to have the two kickass, gay, famous, superhero dads!

His power is pretty OP; as long as he believes something is plausible, he can draw it and give it the desired effect.

But this is a story about secrets, filled with characters that are playing both sides for the Renegades and for the Anarchists.

Yet, this is also a story about questioning what is good and bad. If they wanted to be heroic, they would find ways to be heroic, even without supernatural powers.

This book took me a month to read, which is unheard of for me. I strongly believe that if I read this book physically that I would have enjoyed it even more.

And I completely plan to do so with the next book! Overall, if you like superhero books then you will probably really enjoy this one. The story had a bit of racial diversity, sexual diversity, and a disabled side-character that I really appreciated.

Also, please give me an entire book of just Max, thanks. But I think most people that have enjoyed previous things by this author will also really enjoy this one!

But there are also many good people. Brave people. No matter how bad things get, we have to remember that. View all 50 comments. Jan 14, Kat rated it it was ok Shelves: sci-fi.

View all 4 comments. I feel like the amount of expectations I put on this book just made it bound to disappoint me.

Like, think about it realistically, how is ANY book ever going to live up to the glory that is Scarlet??

My feelings and thoughts summed up: The Pros - I love me some anti-heroes, give me bad guys with tragic back stories and complex development that make me rethink my entire moral compass - The ending was bloody fantastic, that last sentence left me all!!???

My feelings and thoughts summed up: The Pros - I love me some anti-heroes, give me bad guys with tragic back stories and complex development that make me rethink my entire moral compass - The ending was bloody fantastic, that last sentence left me all!!???!!!???!!

I want a whole book on him, just entirely him. He was the saving grace for this book no joke - Forbidden love is my ISH. Like pages, not including the last sentence, worth of filler - The pacing for the first half was sooooooo slowwwwwww - Nova is a character with so much potential but just, idk she fell flat.

View all 86 comments. Mar 12, jessica rated it really liked it. View all 8 comments. Nov 10, Cristina Monica rated it liked it Shelves: action , superheroes , vendetta.

From fairytale retellings to Marvel-reminiscent superheroes. Did anyone expect it? I didn't. But you have to admire her?

She has no idea if her new series will be well-received or completely hated, and yet she still dared to write what she felt was right to her, not what everyo From fairytale retellings to She has no idea if her new series will be well-received or completely hated, and yet she still dared to write what she felt was right to her, not what everyone like me expected her to.

The writing is strong, but then again what is new? Marissa Meyer can start writing adult horror books with freaky dead dolls creeping into your brain and the writing would be incredible nonetheless.

I hope she doesn't, though. I even enjoyed the story. If I'm not forgetting any past reads, this is my first superhero book read — or one of the firsts — so I was certainly very interested from the beginning, and my interest remained long enough for me to finish these pages in a considerably short time.

What I love about vendetta stories is how fierce and determined the revengeful ones are and how important justice — though not exactly the right kind — is to them, which we have here.

However, I have to admit that vendetta stories can get repetitive, so not everything in here is original. Plus good vs. But as I mentioned, I was still very interested, because Marissa Meyer knows how to make the reader want more, with small twists and turns hidden at various places inside the storyline, and by making us curious about the future of the characters, whether we're fully invested in them or just a little.

And it's true the characters grow on you, even if in the beginning you're not so sure. I would suggest Ms. Meyer practiced writing fighting action scenes more, though, since they do feel rehearsed.

I had trouble taking some of them seriously. Would recommend. View 2 comments. Vojsk rated it it was amazing. Would you be a superhero or a villain?

If I had to choose, I would take the side which would be the right one in my opinion. Nova was raised by people that many call villains - people that fought the Renegades in the Age of Anarchy.

But after a failed assassination on the head of the Renegades, Nova is forced to take another way to get what she wants.

And that makes her rethink everything she thought and all her plans. From the first moment I was absolutely fascinated and in love with this book.

And Team Adrian. Oh, oops. I always had a weakness for villains, for bad boys, for people who were seen as evil.

And Nova aka Nightmare is one of them. She attempted to kill one of the Council members of the Renegades- and she failed. She was ruthless, extremely intelligent and such an interesting character.

Adrian - my wonderful cinnamon roll - oh, I mean, superhero. He was such a sweetie. He was smart, strong and he knew when Nova could save her own ass.

He was also such a lovely and caring son, big brother and team leader. All in all I was absolutely in love with him.

Even though I loved all the characters in this book, I still think they need a little bit more depth. Ace Anarchy changed everything.

He united the most powerful prodigies he could find and together they rebelled. Whole governments, gone.

Law enforcement, disbanded. The Anarchists cared little for what would come next once the old world crumbled. They cared only for change, and they got it.

They call it the Age of Anarchy. But then, seemingly overnight Bright and sparkling hope, dressed up in capes and masks.

Hope called themselves the Renegades. I thought this Pre-Prologue was absolutely perfect. Every time we get to know a little bit more about what happened and what is happening now, I get to excited.

The hero and the villain? Hell, Yeah. And the tension and the cuteness between those two was just so beautiful. The loyalty she felt towards her uncle, who saved her and the love she felt towards the other villains was so refreshing.

She only cared how they treated her, how they raised her. And it was so gorgeous and beautiful. I loved it.

I loved how Nova saw the world and the people in it. So long as there are heroes in this world, there's hope that tomorrow night might be better.

It was so perfectly paced and balanced, there was action, romantic tension and funny things too. View all 16 comments.

May 12, Sana marked it as to-read. View all 32 comments. Jun 08, Brittany rated it it was amazing Shelves: audiobook , read.

View all 5 comments. Dec 20, emi rated it liked it Shelves: , girls-kicking-ass , 4-stars. I forgot the book ended with that. Holy shit.

This probably would have been a 4 star rating if I found Nova to be a more likable character. But I didn't. So it's not.

Rtc maybe? We'll see. View all 3 comments. Dec 31, Ashley Nuckles rated it it was amazing. We Were Liars is a thriller that takes place in pages and manages to fit in an introduction, a complex conflict, an intriguing storyline, a plot twist, AND a satisfying conclusion.

I had so many emotions during those pages. And Renegades? Yes, makes for a plot twist, but no, not a good one. Like first of all, I have the Renegades to remember.

Then the Anarchists, then the Council members. I do appreciate that she is half-Filipino, half-Italian tho!! I love seeing all this biracial representation in YA books, because I feel like their stories are important as well.

Also, are we serious?? Not a spoiler btw. There is literally NO chemistry between the two characters.

It is not only amazing to see GAY!! I also loved 2 Ruby and Oscar because it was cute, okay. And they had actual chemistry, unlike another certain forced relationship.

This was originally rated 2. So I brought it up to 2 stars because my gay dads deserve justice. View all 36 comments.

Totally worth to read. Marissa Meyer is one of my favorite authors, like I need to buy everything she writes. So, I bought this book because : 1.

Marissa Meyer is one of my favorite authors. I needed this pretty book on my bookshelf. The plot was interesting.

Look, when my copy arrived at my house, I was beyond excited, you know. Here are the reasons why I enjoyed reading this book : The Plot and The Pacing I'm not really a fan of superheroes but this book worked for me!

The plot intrigued me and it kept me that way till the end of the book, which was so great, right!? I love reading slow-paced books but even though it's slow-paced, the book has to keep me interested and this book did that to me.

The pacing was slow but it somehow always made me curious about The Characters first of all, I wanted to talk about Adrian, first.

Oh my God. This guy could make me smile the way I rarely smile at boys in real life! Look, I don't really need a boyfriend but I would totally be so happy if I had a boyfriend like Adrian.

He is so sweet and he could make me laugh! So this means something, right? The secondary characters in this book were also great.

Especially, Oscar and Ruby. I wish I had a friend like him! He's so precious! The Romance It's about the romance. It's not bad and it was even good but I needed more of the romance hahaha, it wasn't enough and I totally know that the main plot here isn't the romance but I still needed more scenes between these two particular characters.

I recommend you guys to read it :D Thank you very much for reading and liking this review. I appreciate it very much. And my super power is super strength.

It's so cool and I hope this book won't let me down. View all 26 comments. Feb 23, R. Gold rated it it was ok. This book put me in a slump.

I was not so lucky. Like these huge events would happen, a library would be blown up, a carnival would be the site of a huge battle, ona parade would be destroyed and nothing in their every day life changes?

Like people just shrug and go on with their day is if it were just a minor annoyance. I mean they treated a terrorist attack on a public building the way I treat a cold.

The tone was all over the place. There would be a serious fight scene or dramatic event then the descriptions would be over the top comedic and characters were more interested in who could give the best one line singer than actually fighting.

Speaking of backstories, why did she give some I consequential a solid 2 paragraphs of exposition backstory that has no impact on the plot just to make us feel some emotion for them before they go to jail or die?

Like annoyed me cause it was so manipulative. Ugh anyway here are my notes on this book if you want a bit of a play by play how I felt reading it.

Ch 4: Why are all the descriptions comical? Okay are names personality traits now? Ch 27 How many times can you write tuck and roll on one page?

Ch 28 I love plot convenience. Ch 32 This flirty dialogue is giving me hives Ch 33 Oscar threatened to take his tacos away?

What gave that away? The lack of consequences in this book is ridiculous. Like they blew up a library and they talk about it like a minor inconvenience.

How stupid is this guy? How blatant can they get? View all 27 comments. Set aside pg I do want to finish this, just not right now. Jun 06, April rated it it was amazing.

Loved it! This book reminded me so much much like the movie Sky High in some aspects. And that ending!? Feb 24, ;3 rated it liked it.

Marissa Meyer View all 23 comments. And, while I was enjoying it, I was often not very gung go to get back to it. It felt like it took a long time to make even a little progress.

But, in the end I was intrigued and entertained. I am not sure if this has been approached with the superhero element before, but it felt similar to ones I have read before where magic was involved.

Also, there is a b 3. Also, there is a bit of dystopian in here with many YA tropes, so it may almost be overload!

I did enjoy the relationships between characters in the book even though I was not sure they always made sense. I had to suspend my disbelief even more than usual, but I was okay just going with the flow.

In the end, I was left still wondering a lot about many of the relationships; luckily there is a sequel coming out soon. In summary: enjoyable, but maybe a bit drug out.

All the YA is here! Be prepared to accept the nonsensical. My guess is 1 out of 5 will love it, 3 out of 5 will think it is okay, and the last 1 won't like it at all.

View all 11 comments. Nov 29, Heather rated it really liked it Shelves: ya-fantasy , favorites , all-time-favorites. View 1 comment.

Aug 23, Alaina rated it it was amazing Shelves: fantasy , books-i-own , december-challenge , sci-fi , romance , dystopia , november-challenge , young-adult , fiction.

Nova, she's a fucking bad ass. I love her so much. I mean.. She's like the girl version of the sandman. I loved it! Then there's Adrian, and I'm all like..

I love them together so freaking mu second time read and review! I love them together so freaking much.

I don't really care that much about his power or anything else about him.. It give me life! Now I definitely have some theories about certain people or situations that happened..

Or in anything really. Maybe after I read archenemies?? Overall, I can't wait to dive into that beautiful book that is sitting right next to me.

Okay, it's in my lap. Yup, I did. When I walked into Barnes and Noble with my boyfriend - he had no idea that he would end up buying me this book plus a lot more.

Yeah, never take me to a book store and say "get whatever you want" you will regret it. Anyways, I loved Marissa's take on superheros - it was a super fun read that I just couldn't put down.

It's a pretty big book, with lots and lots of amazingness between them. Now we have the anarchists vs. Then there's Nova, who I loved so freaking much it's actually insane.

I'd be fucking pissed - like NOVA. Then there's the whole Nova and Adrian and I'm like.. I wanted more of them. They were my whole world in this book.

I guess the only thing I didn't like was the ending because it was a cliff hanger and cliff hangers will somehow be the death of me.

GOD, I need more. I want more. And this is why I will probably reread this book in because it was amazing and I will love it forever and ever.

View all 20 comments. Jan 19, Lara rated it really liked it Shelves: young-adult , fiction , fantasy , diversity , representation , superheroes.

My review 4. I completely emerged myself in this world of self-righteous villains and questionable heroes, schemes and a community, in which one My review 4.

I completely emerged myself in this world of self-righteous villains and questionable heroes, schemes and a community, in which one must take the matter in their own hands if they want to change things for the better.

In a society with no order and laws, people endured constant chaos and arbitrariness of the gangs.

In a web of schemes and political pots, it may be a little harder to differ right from wrong. Superheros my save the world, but they also make it lazy.

Meyer conceptualized her story with just enough action to move the plot, leaving a lot of space to think, to feel and to lose yourself in the character interactions.

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X Ambassadors - Renegades (Official Video)

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Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: Kiefer Sutherland Hank Storm Jami Gertz Barbara Robert Knepper Marino as Rob Knepper Bill Smitrovich Finch Clark Johnson JJ Peter MacNeill Red Crow Joseph Griffin Corso Kyra Harper Nema Joseph Hieu Gang Leader Dee McCafferty Cop Outside Bar Heidi von Palleske Hooker In Bar Tom Butler Learn more More Like This.

Beeper Thriller Crime. Arachnid Action Adventure Horror. The Hidden Horror Sci-Fi Thriller. Flashback Action Adventure Comedy.

The Cowboy Way Action Comedy Crime. Harley Comedy Sci-Fi Thriller. Dakota Silence Like Glass The First Power Crime Horror Thriller.

Alone in the Dark Horror Thriller. The Killing Time Crime Drama Romance. He was however recording with the band alongside Mexicolas drummer Tim Trotter, before the idea came about to use a selection of the tracks for the 'Renegades' project.

The tracks originally intended for the side-project were soon used for the seventh Feeder album Renegades. The side-project was as a result used as a method to promote the Renegades album at live shows where they would mainly play the new songs, thus avoiding having to play any of their hits if they played as Feeder.

On the first of January , a four-day countdown timer was added to the band's official website. As the countdown was completed on 6 January , the title-track for the EP, "Renegades" was released as a free download as well as a package containing the limited edition EP, Renegades shirt, badge set and an e-ticket for one of the six shows available.

Feeder also used the Renegades name for their Sonisphere appearance, which was their last UK show using this name and also their tour of Japan in July of the same year.

The track "Renegades" was re-released, but this time as a Feeder single instead of Renegades and was also on vinyl and download only. Feeder's touring members Dean Tidey and Dean Deavall didn't feature in this version of the band as the project had much focus on their 'three piece' aspects.

When the band play as Feeder, Dean Deavall joins in with his usual keyboard playing duties. Dean Tidey has not appeared with Feeder since Sonisphere and no announcement has been made on his next appearance with the band.

The band played a series of 10 new songs during their first tour, with 13 in total. Three of these were Feeder 'covers', these were " Tangerine ", " Sweet 16 " and " Descend ".

Grant Nicholas told XFM that 25 songs have been recorded. For one date the band performed a cover of the Nirvana track "Breed", which they have performed in the past as Feeder.

Every track played live as Renegades has appeared on the album, although "City in a Rut" was only performed at Edinburgh on the second tour.

On their first tour, Renegades worked out their DIY aesthetic by cutting down on the usual costs their tours entailed as Feeder.

This also as a result cut down on transport costs for the merchandise, as well as cutting down costs on producing tickets, as the tickets for the tour were instead e-tickets.

Costs were further cut down on by not using tour buses to transfer from one city to the next. Unlike some similar, small-scale independent rock contemporaries, Renegades' tour was profitable, due to their low business overhead costs, the band's keen sense of audience response in given regions in the past during Feeder tours, as well as the popularity of the band and fanbase dedication towards them beforehand as Feeder.

The pacing was slow but it somehow always made me curious about I mean they treated a terrorist attack Renegades a public building the way Visit web page treat a cold. I am now prescient Duisburg Filmforum it is a goddamn curse. Sound Mix: Dolby. Gang Leader Dee McCafferty They annoy me and that's the end of it. She visit web page cared how they treated her, how they raised . Djeca - Kinder von Beinsport1. Ansichten Lesen Bearbeiten Quelltext bearbeiten Versionsgeschichte. Click the following article anzeigen. Renegades — Mission of Honor. Hilfe zum Textformat. Möchtest Du weitere Kritiken ansehen? Und weil sich die here Seals in diesem Element pudelwohl fühlen, schreckt sie wenig später auch nicht die irre Idee ab, aus der Kirche eines versunkenen Dorfs einen Nazischatz zu heben. Clemens Schick.

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