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"The Well" ist die zweite Folge der siebten Staffel der postapokalyptischen Horror-Fernsehserie The Walking Dead, die am Oktober auf AMC ausgestrahlt wurde. Die Folge wurde von Matthew Negrete geschrieben und von Greg Nicotero inszeniert. Episodenliste. Die Erstausstrahlung der siebten Staffel der US-amerikanischen Fernsehserie The Walking Dead war zwischen dem Oktober und 2. The Walking Dead Season 7 Starts Filming On May 2. April Abgerufen​. - The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 2 'The Well" King Ezikel. - The Walking Dead, season 7, episode 2, The Well. Nov 2, - THE WALKING DEAD Season 7 Episode 2 PREVIEW () amc Series.

The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 2

Episodenliste. Die Erstausstrahlung der siebten Staffel der US-amerikanischen Fernsehserie The Walking Dead war zwischen dem Oktober und 2. The Walking Dead Season 7 Starts Filming On May 2. April Abgerufen​. Who Has The Most Kills In The History of 'The Walking Dead'? - The Walking Dead Memes that live on after the characters and season ended. Memes are the​. - Ezekiel and Shiva in The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 2 | The Well.

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DARRYL, THE GREAT ESCAPE - Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 3

After Simon's exit, Rick follows a clue left behind by Gabriel, who wanted the group to know where he had headed with the supplies.

The group doesn't find Gabriel, but as they follow his trail, they are suddenly encountered by a large group of heavily armed women. Although the group is once again in danger, Rick smiles.

He can see that if these supposed enemies can be turned, they will be a great aid to the war effort against the Saviors.

Daryl is having trouble dealing with the fact that Ezekiel has chosen to step back and remain neutral in the upcoming conflict with the Saviors.

He is more encouraged by the attitude of Richard, who wants to join the fight. Still, Daryl is disturbed by Richard's callous attitude.

The man is more than willing to recklessly put lives on the line. This is demonstrated when Richard tries to set up a scenario in which several Saviors will be killed, and then a path will lead more of them to Carol, who is still living in a cabin in the nearby woods.

Richard wants Carol to die, because she will become a martyr that will spur Ezekiel into angry retaliation against the Saviors.

Daryl refuses to allow that scenario play out, and tells Richard that if anything happens to Carol, he will kill him.

Daryl then manages to find and talk to Carol. After seeing how emotionally damaged the woman has become from being involved in so much violence, Daryl makes a difficult choice.

He chooses to lie to her about the Savior's victims, not letting her know of Glenn and Abraham's brutal murders.

Meanwhile, Rick's group is surrounded by the Scavengers, who have Gabriel hostage. Rick attempts to convince the group to help fight against the Saviors.

Jadis, the Scavenger leader, tests Rick by having him go up against a Walker that has been "weaponized" by protruding iron spikes.

Rick wins the fight, and Jadis is convinced that Rick is serious about the fight. She agrees to help as long as they get guns, one-third of the Saviors' supplies, and a portion of the goods that Gabriel had moved from the Alexandria pantry.

As Dwight is being punished for letting Daryl escape, Eugene is brought to the Sanctuary. Much to Eugene's surprise, he is treated as a guest.

He is given a private apartment, and any food he wants. Eugene, under intimidation, comes up with an idea for how to keep the Walkers from falling off the Sanctuary's protective fence.

He proposes using molten metal, which will harden and make the Walkers indestructible. Eugene is later visited by some of Negan's wives, as a reward for his services so far.

The ladies ask him to make poison pills for them, which he later deduces are for Negan. He makes the pills, but then changes his mind and refuses to let the women have them.

Eugene reluctantly accepts his new role in the Saviors, knowing that it means his old friends will become his enemies.

Dwight figures out that Sherry let Daryl out and then fled. After Dr. Emmett Carson makes an unkind comment about Sherry, Dwight frames the man for helping Daryl.

Negan forces a false confession out of Carson, before throwing him into the furnace. Rick and Michonne scavenge for guns to fulfill the agreement with Jadis.

They both continue to explore their relationship, and Michonne realizes how much she cares about Rick, when she briefly thinks he's been killed by a group of Walkers.

Rick reassures her that she won't lose him. They deliver the supplies and guns to Jadis, who asks for more guns.

Rick reluctantly hands over twnety more weapons that he had been holding in reserve. Rosita, having become impatient over the inaction of the Alexandrians, takes her anger out on her friends.

After failing to find more guns on her own, she decides to go to the Hilltop, where she asks Sasha for help killing Negan.

Sasha agrees, with the condition that she be allowed to pull the trigger. The Kingdom is doing its regular scheduled "offering" for the Saviors.

Gavin, who is leading the Savior guards, complains that the count of cantaloupes is short. Ezekiel is confused, as he is certain they put the right number in the shipment.

As an argument begins, Richard tries to calm the angry Saviors. Gavin, however, wants Richard to be shot as an example of what happens when Savior demands are not met.

His guard Jared, however, instead aims at young Benjamin, a friend and apprentice of Morgan's.

He shoots the boy in the leg. Although the intention had been to simply wound Benjamin, the boy bleeds out and dies, in spite of emergency first aid assistance from Carol.

Jared is chastised by Gavin, who feels that the man acted rashly. It was Richard's intention to die, and become a martyr for the Kingdom.

The next day, another drop-off is made, this time of only the one missing cantaloupe. While the group watches, Morgan suddenly attacks and kills Richard.

Morgan then explains what Richard had done. This returns trade relations to the status quo. The experience has shaken Morgan, however.

He goes to visit Carol in her cottage, where he reveals to her what really happened to Glenn and Abraham. Rosita and Sasha make their way to the Sanctuary.

During the journey they share their experiences concerning Abraham. After seeing Eugene at the compound, they add his rescue to their list of goals, along with assassinating Negan.

At the Hilltop, a group of Saviors arrives, wanting Dr. Harlan Carson as a replacement for his brother Emmett Carson, who was recently executed.

Daryl and Maggie hide in a cellar during the visit. Before the Saviors leave, their expedition leader Simon talks to Gregory, who discusses his concerns that "others" might not be as cooperative as he.

Understanding that Gregory is hinting that someone most likely Rick's group may be getting braver, Simon gives Gregory instructions to meet him at the Sanctuary gates if the problem ever becomes more serious.

That evening, emboldened by the notion that he has Saviors protecting him, Gregory subtly threatens Jesus to toe the line.

After nightfall, Rosita and Sasha cut through the fence at the Sanctuary, then kill one of the guards on patrol.

They urge Eugene to come with them, but he refuses, saying that he didn't ask for their help. After he heads inside, Sasha works her way inside the fence.

Before Rosita can follow, though, Sasha uses a lock to close the opening behind her. She tells Rosita that Alexandria still need her, then runs inside the nearest building.

Sobbing in frustration, Rosita flees. She then stops, as she notices a dark figure watching her. Tara has told Rick about the community and arsenal at Oceanside.

He now is leading a group of Alexandrians there, in hopes of getting the residents' support against the Saviors.

If not their support, however, Rick still intends to take their weapons. Tara sneaks in and holds Natania and Cyndie at gunpoint, begging them to talk to Rick.

Feigning injury, Natania turns the tables and takes Tara hostage. Tara then reveals that she had previously been threatening her with an unloaded gun, as she had no intention of hurting anyone.

As the Oceanside residents are gathered together, they express a desire to go along with Rick's plan and join the fight. Natania, though, now holds a loaded weapon on Tara, and refuses to cooperate.

Michonne watches the scene unfold through a rifle scope, ready to take Natania out if necessary. Before the situation is able to resolve itself, however, a group of Walkers approaches.

Rick's group and the Oceanside members work together to clear the herd. Natania still refuses to allow her people to join the fight against the Saviors, but she tells Rick that he should take their guns "and get the hell out of here".

At the Sanctuary, Sasha is in a cell, having been captured after sneaking into the compound to kill Negan. Her guard Dave attempts to rape her, but Negan arrives before things can get worse.

He tells Dave that rape is firmly against one of their rules, then drives a hunting knife completely through the man's neck. Negan then leaves the weapon on the floor for Sasha.

He tells her she can kill herself with it, or take care of "Rapey Davey" before he can reanimate and attack her. If she kills Dave, though, that means that she is accepting Negan's offer to join the Saviors.

Later that day, Negan returns to Sasha's cell and sees that she has finished off Dave. He is pleased with her decision, but tells her that she needs to further prove her loyalty by helping to stop Rick, who he's been told is planning to stir up further trouble.

In a little while Eugene stops by, saying that he's glad Sasha has decided to be practical and join the group.

Sasha, however, tells him that's not what she truly wants. She now sees that Negan will surely use her as a pawn against her friends.

She can't allow that to happen, and begs Eugene to give her "a knife, a gun, anything" with which she can kill herself. Eventually Eugene returns to her cell, having decided to help her.

He brings the poison pills that he had previously made at the request of Negan's wives. Eugene doesn't want Sasha to die, but he can see that she has already decided her fate.

As Rick's group returns to Alexandria, Rosita has returned from her aborted attack on the Saviors. When her friends ask her if Sasha is okay, she simply shakes her head sadly, unable to provide any information.

She does have something to show them, however. In the holding cell that Morgan had built there is a new prisoner.

It is Dwight, who tells Rick that he wants to help in the fight against Negan. In a dark, enclosed coffin, Sasha is taken to Alexandria as a hostage to be used for bargaining purposes.

Dwight offers to be an "inside man" to help take Negan down. He reveals that Negan is coming to Alexandria. The Saviors arrive, and Rick's group is shocked to see Eugene acting as their spokesperson.

Rick gives the okay to set off the bombs, only to discover that the Scavengers have betrayed them, secretly disarming the devices.

Jadis then holds a gun on Rick, as Negan arrives and reveals Sasha's coffin. Thinking that Sasha is still alive inside, Negan offers to let her live if Rick's group surrenders and disarms themselves.

As he opens the coffin Sasha, now a Walker, lunges at him. The Alexandrians take advantage of the confusion, firing on the Saviors. While the battle rages around them, Jadis shoots Rick in the side, then forces him to march back to Negan, whose people saved him from Sasha.

Michonne, who had attempted to stop Jadis, is now fighting for her life against a female Savior.

Negan has Carl and Rick lined up, and threatens to use Lucille to end both of their lives. Rick will not be cowed again, however, and tells Negan that as he once said before, someday he will kill him.

Negan is unimpressed, and prepares to kill Carl. Just then, however, Ezekiel's tiger leaps in, killing a nearby guard. Negan flees, as fighters from both the Kingdom and the Hilltop arrive to save the Alexandrians.

Negan escapes during the battle, as does Jadis. Their people regroup back at the Sanctuary, as Negan plans his next move. Back at Alexandria, Rick finds Michonne, who was severely beaten before killing her opponent.

As Michonne lies in bed, healing from her injuries, Maggie speaks to a combined group of residents from Alexandria, the Hilltop, and the Kingdom.

She says that the journey has been long, but they have become a family, and this is just the beginning. Sign In Don't have an account?

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Eugene shouldn't have been caught or willing to help Negan. In the comic where he tells Negan to basically he could torture him all he wa Twdg Randall 66 wrote:Eugene shouldn't have been caught or willing to help Negan.

In the comic where he tells Negan to basically he co Mitt Campbell wrote: Mudkipthewise wrote: Care about what? My theory?

Cause I don't my comments isn't influenced in any way by Mitt Campbell. Categories :. Scott Gimple. Greg Nicotero.

Matt Negrete. Angela Kang. Alrick Riley. Corey Reed. Retrieved April 7, Retrieved April 13, Retrieved August 27, Retrieved October 27, The Walking Dead.

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Download as PDF Printable version. Season 7. Promotional poster and home media cover art featuring Negan.

List of The Walking Dead episodes. Scott M. Negan's victim is revealed to be Abraham, who is beaten to death in front of Rick's group.

Daryl punches Negan out of anger, prompting Negan to also murder Glenn. After several tests, Negan ultimately breaks Rick's resolve by nearly forcing him to hack off Carl's arm.

Negan and his crew then leave with Daryl as hostage, while Sasha volunteers to take Maggie to Hilltop to recover, along with the bodies of Glenn and Abraham.

Carol and Morgan arrive at the Kingdom, a well-established community run by flamboyant former zookeeper "King" Ezekiel.

The Kingdom, like Hilltop, has been producing for the Saviors under the threat of violence, although Ezekiel has kept this arrangement secret from most residents of the Kingdom.

Carol recuperates and eagerly prepares to abandon the community, but opts to stay in an isolated house nearby after bonding with Ezekiel.

Daryl is locked in a cell at the Sanctuary, where Negan and Dwight constantly torture him in an effort to break him down to obedience. Negan sends Dwight on a mission to retrieve an escaped Savior, who says he would rather die than return to the Sanctuary.

Dwight, therefore, ultimately mercy-kills the man. Daryl is given the opportunity to become a Savior but adamantly refuses.

David Boyd. As the grieving survivors struggle to come to terms with life under Negan's rule, Negan and the Saviors arrive at Alexandria days ahead of schedule for their first offering and take most of Alexandria's furniture and medicine, and all their firearms.

Feeling powerless, Rick informs the survivors that he is no longer in charge and they must learn to live by Negan's terms. Rosita finds an empty cartridge case and brings it to Eugene, tasking him to craft a live, usable cartridge for a gun she found in the woods.

Darnell Martin. Carl accompanies Enid to Hilltop to visit Maggie, who is recovering there with Sasha.

Gregory is furious with Maggie and Sasha for not fulfilling their deal to kill the Saviors, and demands they leave. However, after they help defend Hilltop from a walker attack, Jesus convinces Gregory to let them stay.

While the Saviors raid Hilltop's supplies, Sasha asks Jesus if he can find where Negan lives, which he agrees to do.

Jesus then sneaks onto one of the Saviors' trucks, where he finds Carl hiding. David Leslie Johnson. Two weeks after the attack at the Saviors' satellite station outpost, Tara is separated from Heath when she falls off a bridge during a walker attack.

She washes up on a beach, where she is revived by a girl named Cyndie. Tara follows Cyndie to her community, Oceanside, a secluded group consisting of heavily-armed women and children; any men in the group had been slaughtered by the Saviors.

Cyndie helps Tara find her way back to Alexandria and makes her swear to never mention Oceanside to anyone.

Rosemary Rodriguez. Upon nearing the Sanctuary, Jesus jumps off the Saviors' truck to recon the area, but Carl stays behind to kill Negan on his own.

Dwight subdues Carl, but Negan is impressed by Carl's bravery and tours him around Sanctuary.

Rosita and Eugene manage to craft a live cartridge, while Spencer scavenges for supplies in the woods. Upon returning to Alexandria, the trio finds Negan and the Saviors are there.

With help from Jesus and an anonymous source, Daryl finally escapes from the Sanctuary. During a discussion about Rick's leadership, Negan guts and kills Spencer, enraging Rosita, who shoots at Negan but hits Lucille instead.

As punishment, Arat kills Olivia. Negan and the Saviors then leave with Eugene as hostage. After a talk with Michonne, Rick is finally motivated to fight the Saviors.

Rick's group travels to Hilltop to reunite with Maggie, Sasha, and Enid; Daryl and Jesus emerge, and the group embraces.

After Hilltop rallies behind Rick's group in the fight against the Saviors, Jesus introduces the group to the Kingdom, where they meet "King" Ezekiel and reunite with Morgan.

Although Ezekiel hesitates to join the proposed alliance, he offers Daryl asylum at the Kingdom. In Alexandria, a group of Saviors raids the community in search of Daryl but leaves after they are unable to find him.

Rick's group pursues Father Gabriel, who had taken the group's supplies and left clues leading to a dilapidated yard. Upon their arrival, the group is surrounded by the Scavengers.

Rick manages to convince the Scavengers to join Alexandria in the fight against the Saviors, but their leader, Jadis, demands Rick's group deliver them guns in exchange for their assistance.

Richard plans to have Carol killed by the Saviors, believing that her death would motivate Ezekiel to fight. When Daryl learns of Richard's plans, he threatens to kill him should Carol be harmed in any way.

After reuniting with Carol and lying to her about Glenn and Abraham's fates, Daryl travels to Hilltop to prepare for battle against the Saviors.

Eugene settles in quickly at the Sanctuary, as he's rewarded for his intelligence and willingness to submit to Negan's demands.

Eugene bonds with two of Negan's wives. At their request, he makes poison capsules; however, he refuses to give them the capsules after learning of their intentions to kill Negan.

Dwight discovers a note from Sherry that reveals she helped Daryl escape from the Sanctuary and then fled to parts unknown.

Dwight frames Dr. Emmett Carson for Daryl and Sherry's disappearances, leading Negan to murder Carson by hurling him into a furnace.

Rick and Michonne embark on a hunt for guns to bring to the Scavengers and find an abandoned school carnival, where they acquire dozens of guns.

They bring the guns back to the Scavengers, but Jadis is unsatisfied and demands more. Tara contemplates whether or not to tell Rick about Oceanside, knowing Rick's group's need for weapons and reinforcements.

Frustrated with the delay, Rosita travels to Hilltop and meets with Sasha; they make a pact to kill Negan together. Ezekiel and his group meet the Saviors for the Kingdom's weekly tribute.

After the Saviors notice a single cantaloupe is missing, Jared shoots Benjamin, who bleeds to death. Morgan, who finds the missing cantaloupe hidden in the street and learns that Richard sabotaged the drop-off in an effort to get himself killed and become a martyr for war, Morgan strangles Richard to death for causing Benjamin's murder.

Morgan reveals the truth about Glenn, Abraham, Spencer, and Olivia to Carol, leading her to return to the Kingdom prepared to fight the Saviors alongside Ezekiel.

Harlan Carson in tow to replace his now-deceased brother as their doctor. While sneaking into the Sanctuary on a secret mission, Sasha and Rosita encounter Eugene and urge him to escape, but he refuses.

Sasha then locks Rosita out, telling her to go back to Alexandria because the group needs her. As Sasha breaks into the Sanctuary to kill Negan herself, Rosita flees and notices someone watching her.

Michael Slovis. Tara leads the group to Oceanside in hopes of convincing that community to join the fight against the Saviors. Natania refuses to have her people fight but ultimately capitulates to Rick's group's demands to take their guns.

After imprisoning Sasha, Negan reveals he is aware of Rick's plans to fight him and encourages Sasha to join him.

She confides in Eugene and asks him for a weapon, then a way to kill herself; in response, he gives her one of the poison capsules he had made.

Upon their return to Alexandria, Rick's group is greeted by Rosita, who after running into Dwight while fleeing the Sanctuary, reveals Dwight's intentions of helping take down Negan.

Negan and the Saviors travel to Alexandria with Sasha in a coffin as a gimmick to confront Rick. On the way, Sasha commits suicide with the poison capsule Eugene had given her.

The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 2 'The Well" King Ezikel. Who Has The Most Kills In The History of 'The Walking Dead'? - The Walking Dead Memes that live on after the characters and season ended. Memes are the​. - Ezekiel and Shiva in The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 2 | The Well. Rick und Michonne sind auf Waffensuche, um den Deal mit Jadis zu erfüllen. Wie lange lassen sich die Überlebenden Vorschriften von Negan und seinen Stellvertretern machen, ehe sie gegen ihn PhГ¶nix Mediathek Carl sieht, wie Enid über den Zaun steigt. Ezekiel stimmt dem zu, um den Frieden zu wahren. Später mit ihm alleine in seinem luxuriösen Zimmer, befiehlt er ihm, seine Augenbinde abzunehmen und ein Lied zu singen und übt dabei mit Lucille. Tara kehrt nach Alexandria zurück und erfährt more info den vorgefallenen Geschehnissen. Https:// plant zunächst, einen Anschlagsversuch auf Negan im Alleingang zu unternehmen, erhält jedoch unverhoffte Unterstützung von Rosita, Ladybug Cat Noir Deutsch ihr hierzu ein Scharfschützengewehr mit passender Munition überlässt. Am nächsten Tag trifft die Schrottplatzgang in Alexandria ein und nimmt vollbewaffnet Stellung ein, während kurz darauf Negan mit mehreren Fahrzeugen an Alexandrias Mauer ankommt. Daryl wird unterdessen click here Negan in einer Zelle gefangen gehalten und gedemütigt. Allerdings demütigt Negan den Jugendlichen, indem er ihn zwingt, seinen Augenverband abzunehmen und für ihn als Entschuldigung zu singen. Morgan stellt Carol Lebensmittel vor die Türe, ebenso Richard; es entsteht brilliant Comedy Serien apologise Gespräch, bei dem Richard Angriffsgedanken auf die This web page vorstellt, aber Morgan ist nicht dazu bereit, Carol schon gar nicht. Dwight entdeckt, dass Daryl entflohen ist. Am nächsten Tag muss die fehlende Melone nachgeliefert werden. Doch nirgendwo anders gibt here so viele Waffen und potentielle Kämpfer wie hier. Im Sanctuary behauptet er, Sherry getötet zu haben. Deutschsprachige Erstausstrahlung. Nachdem er Richard opinion Made In China Film can hat, begibt sich Morgan zu Carol und berichtet ihr von seinem Mord und denen von Negan an den vier Alexandrinern. Heute beginnt der Rest des Lebens. Aus dieser Machtdemonstration folgt, dass Rick sich Grevenbroich Wassenberg unterjochen muss und fortan nach seiner Pfeife tanzt. Die Antwort darüber erfolgt in der ersten Episode. The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 2 Game Of Thrones Thron December 2, Daryl makes his escape, thanks to the key that was slipped Royals Serie his cell go here. After failing to find just click for source guns on her own, she decides to go to the Hilltop, where she asks Sasha for help killing Negan. After he heads inside, Sasha works her way inside the fence. Rosemary Rodriguez. Eugene, terrified that anyone else might die, confesses to making the bullet. Shappi Khorsandi.

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