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Durch einen Putsch wird die Königsfamilie der Inhumans getrennt und flieht aus der Stadt Attilan nach Hawaii. In dieser überraschenden neuen Welt müssen die Inhumans einen Weg finden, sich wieder zu vereinen und in ihre Heimat zurückzukehren. Marvel's Inhumans ist eine US-amerikanische Fernsehserie, die zum Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) gehört. Sie wurde von Scott Buck entwickelt und handelt. Die Inhuman-Stadt Afterlife wird kurz darauf von S.H.I.E.L.D. entdeckt, da sie durch Hydra nun Gordon orten konnten. S.H.I.E.L.D. will, dass alle Inhumans sich auf. „Marvel's Inhumans“ ist das schwärzeste Schaf im MCU, über das wohl in keinem Film und keiner Serie der. Marvel's Inhumans ein Film von Roel Reiné und Chris Fisher mit Anson Mount, Serinda Swan. Inhaltsangabe: Ursprünglich geplanter Marvel-FIlm, basierend.


Die Inhuman-Stadt Afterlife wird kurz darauf von S.H.I.E.L.D. entdeckt, da sie durch Hydra nun Gordon orten konnten. S.H.I.E.L.D. will, dass alle Inhumans sich auf. Durch einen Putsch wird die Königsfamilie der Inhumans getrennt und flieht aus der Stadt Attilan nach Hawaii. In dieser überraschenden neuen Welt müssen die Inhumans einen Weg finden, sich wieder zu vereinen und in ihre Heimat zurückzukehren. „Marvel's Inhumans“ ist das schwärzeste Schaf im MCU, über das wohl in keinem Film und keiner Serie der.

Dies will sie erreichen indem sie einen Notruf vom Schiff absendet, damit sie jeden Agenten vernebeln kann, der das Schiff betritt.

Skye , die sich ebendfalls auf dem Schiff befindet, warnt S. Am Ende wird Jiaying von Cal getötet und der Krieg ist vorbei. Die bei dem Kampf auf der Illiad in den Ozean gefallenen Terrigen-Kristale sorgen dafür dass sich immer mehr Inhumans verwandeln.

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Inhaltsverzeichnis [ Anzeigen ]. Jiaying saugt Leben ab, verbessert so ihre eigene Selbstheilung. Raina kann die Zukunft vorhersehen.

Kategorien :. Following the tragic end of her brief superhero career, Jessica Jones tries to rebuild her life as a private investigator, dealing with cases involving people with remarkable abilities in New York City.

The Inhumans have always been one of Marvel's most enduring oddities. A race of genetic outsiders, they live secluded in their island kingdom of Attilan, preferring not to mix with the outside world.

Even stranger, their genetic mutations are self-endowed; each Inhuman, as a coming-of-age ritual, endures exposure to the Terrigen Mists, a strange substance that imparts unearthly powers--some extraordinary, some monstrous.

But now the kingdom of Attilan is under attack from without and within. Can the Royal Family, led by Black Bolt, repel the foreign invaders who blast at their outer defenses, as well as the internal threat of Black Bolt's insane brother, Maximus the Mad?

This popular series takes a classic Marvel cast of characters, and infuses it with a modern sensibility that includes international politics and an awareness of class systems.

Dark and grimly compelling, the "Inhumans" is one story that won't be forgotten any time soon. Written by ahmetkozan.

I concur - yes, it started off really naff. First episode I said to myself, what is this rubbish? I started to do housework and it was on in the background.

By episode 3, it had my full attention. Still corny, not the best but really not as bad as some people are making out. I lost interest quicker watching Iron Fist.

It's hard to find something to watch these days and some people are swayed by these reviews so try and be objective; give it a chance till the end before slating it, should you really need to.

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An isolated community of superhumans fight to protect themselves. Creator: Scott Buck. Added to Watchlist. Top-Rated Episodes S1.

Error: please try again. What's New on Prime Video in June. Meet Marvel's "Inhumans". Comic-Con Schedule: Thursday.

Fantasy - Powers. IMAX with Laser. Superhero Shows. How Much Have You Seen? How many episodes of Inhumans have you seen?

Use the HTML below. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Episodes Seasons. Edit Cast Series cast summary: Anson Mount Black Bolt 8 episodes, Serinda Swan Medusa 8 episodes, Ken Leung Karnak 8 episodes, Eme Ikwuakor Gorgon 8 episodes, Isabelle Cornish Ophelia returned to the Superior and they both planned a world wide disaster.

Despite her efforts, Ophelia was killed by the hand of the joined forces of S. Leo Fitz removes Daisy Johnson 's inhibitor.

Immediately after the team returned to the present they worked on a way to prevent the dystopian future they had seen. Their new base was the Lighthouse.

And indeed, the rift was closed with the help of the device. In exchange, the Confederacy demanded some of Earth's resources, such as Gravitonium and Inhumans.

Meanwhile, Johnson decided to find Robin Hinton as a mean to find Coulson. Daisy Johnson fights Glenn Talbot. As Glenn Talbot grew insane after infusing himself with Gravitonium, he kidnapped Robin and demanded she would show him where were more Gravitonium beneath the surface of Earth.

The future was averted when Johnson prevented Talbot from absorbing her and subsequently quaked him into space, preventing him from quaking the Earth apart.

Abby kills Basha 's warrior. In an alternative timeline, Earth had been destroyed and the Inhumans were living in the Lighthouse.

Kasius used the Inhumans for profit, selling them as living weapons to various individuals across the galaxy.

Every Human who reached the age of 18 had to be exposed to the Terrigen Mist and those who turned were sent to Kasius.

Later Daisy Johnson was captured by Kasius. Flint before going through Terrigenesis. Johsnon learned from the Inhuman Ben about Kasius' intentions and tried to encourage Ben to rebel, but he refused.

Kasius killed Ben for lying to him. Fitz managed to liberate Johnson and Simmons. Meanwhile, the boy Flint became an Inhuman.

Flint used his earth manipulation to kill Grill. He then stayed in the Lighthouse with Mackenzie and Rodriguez to help the people against the Kree.

Robin Hinton speaks to Phil Coulson. She tried to help the team by telling them how to go back to the present, but one of her followers, Samuel Voss , believed that Johnson was responsible for the destruction of Earth and did not want her to return, so he killed Hinton.

Before her death, she revealed to Melinda May that Flint was the key to their solution. They destroyed every Terrigen Crystals and all the Inhuman blood he possessed, preventing him from creating more Inhumans.

Flint builds the White Monolith. In order to fight S. However, they were rescued by S. Having heard of an imprisoned Inhuman, Rodriguez went to search for the Inhuman, only to discover it was a future version of herself.

Revealing she had been used by Kasius to tell him about the upcoming events, she told Rodriguez that the dystopian may be unchangeable.

The future version of Rodriguez was later killed by Kasius in front of Alphonso Mackenzie 's eyes. Meanwhile, Flint was able to build the White Monolith using rocks from space.

As the team returned to the present day, Flint and Tess were flying to the ruins of Earth , hoping Flint would be able to rebuild it.

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We just have the potential to be more. Contents [ show ]. One vicious faction among the Kree genetically modified other creatures' DNA.

These modifications can be activated with Terrigen Crystals. Here, we had to shut them down. This faction had built a city.

They brought with them the Diviners , which hold the Crystals. Their plans were discovered and thwarted by the better of my kind, putting an end to that dark chapter.

HYDRA was founded with the sole purpose of engineering its return. So we left for our own safety. Ours and yours.

Remarkable, what makes you so special? I think it wise we prepare her for surgery, we must examine exactly what makes her tick.

Did you know I had a question I didn't get to ask, but now So go ahead, Flowers Whitehall , everyone has got it all wrong.

This doesn't destroy. It gives life new life. We finally get to find out what we become. There's something very wrong with me.

You're just different now, and there's nothing wrong with that. They're a part of us. I felt lost before I came here, too.

Looking for answers in the all the wrong places. But we're connected to something bigger and older than than we could have ever imagined, something extraordinary.

Don't walk away from it. And to that end, I hope to A comparison between the two could be invaluable. Doctor Whitehall believed discovery requires experimentation.

You're nothing like me, like us. Whitehall cut me to pieces. He ripped out my organs and stuffed them in jars!

I will never let that happen to my daughter. To any of my people. I'm going to find them and build them a better world, where they're not hunted, not afraid.

Goodbye Daisy. And you, Joey, are one of the first people with this gene to come into contact with it. Welcome to the club; we call ourselves 'Inhumans'.

You tore my friends apart. You have no right! You know using my er It's time we took back this planet, make it the home Inhumans have always deserved.

But we will. This is your last warning. Next time, I snap your neck. Once I'm in that head of yours, I can't wait.

We're two sides of the same coin, Coulson, commanders leading soldiers. Require approval by the United Nations subcommittee. No, no, no!

She has Inhuman powers now?! Can we get a break, please?! Can we get one break?! And Inhumans, or engineered warriors, as they call them.

We seek a great bounty. Hoping that one of the young gathered here today ascends to something greater. Prepare to receive your gift from Kasius.

Ying-Yang and all that. Black Bolt. Daisy Johnson. JT James. Jiaying's Assistant. Joey Gutierrez. Elena Rodriguez.

Eden Fesi. Vijay Nadeer. Tucker Shockley. Robin Hinton. Maximus was an Inhuman Prince of Attilan , before his Terrigenesis transformed him into a powerless ordinary human , which resulted in him being discriminated across Attilan.

Please, don't. Don't do this. Categories :. Stream the best stories. Start Your Free Trial. Try Now. For other uses, see Inhumans disambiguation.

This section requires expansion. Karnak has the ability to instantly see multiple scenarios in his mind allowing him to see the weaknesses and strengths of everything and everyone around him.

He is also able to use his powers to identify certain things for him such as the cardinal points and his blood on the ground.

Sakas has a pair of secreting glands located in his neck, that he can use to spit a spray of corrosive acid. He used it to shot down Lucky from the tree where he was standing.

After undergoing Terrigenesis , Triton 's body evolved to be amphibious allowing him to survive on land and in an underwater environment.

He gained green skin, gills and a fin on his head. Thanks to the gills on his neck, Triton is able to breathe underwater. Triton is able to swim at speeds that exceed those of regular humans.

After an accidental Terrigenesis , Robin Hinton acquired the ability to see events throughout time. Due to the enormity of her gift and her extremely young age, Robin's mind became fractured causing her to become introverted as well as unable to differentiate between the past, present and future.

In order to communicate her visions to others, Robin draws them out as vague moments in time. Through physical contact Bronaja is able to perceive a person's future although he is not able to control when visions will manifest.

In most scenarios the visions are triggered before an instance of danger or distress such as Medusa's assault on Maximus or Kitang's execution.

Androvich possessed the power to manifest Darkforce in the form of his shadow, and was able to shift its density at will.

This allowed the shadow to harm others while being able to not get touched at the same time. Charles Hinton was able to give other people glimpses of the future death of an individual upon physical contact.

Those visions often caused anguish on the people who received them, and despite trying very hard, neither Hinton nor the people who received the visions could do anything to change their outcome.

Abby can change her molecular density, becoming as dense and resistant as lead or either so light that she could phase through anything.

Alisha Whitley was able to project multiple images of her own body. She used her duplicates in combat to overwhelm her enemy and chain attacks together.

These duplicates, however, were dependent on the prime Alisha remaining conscious. Whenever her power was in use, Whitley's eyes were completely glazed over with white, her pupils and irises simply vanishing.

Flint is able to control the earth and earthen materials. He can connect small stones and create a large rock. By emitting a high pitched scream Locus was able to determine the location of a person, group and other various objects in her environment by using the reflected sound waves caused by her vocal screeches.

Lincoln Campbell 's powers enabled him to manipulate the electrical charge in molecules for a variety of effects, such as accelerating the heat in objects and levitation by repelling a person from the ground.

In battle situations, he could shoot blasts of electromagnetic energy, capable of stunning or killing humans.

He was also able to channel this energy through any metallic objects for diversions or disrupt electronics.

Pulsus was able to generate strong electric charges from the palms of his hands. The electic charge was strong enough to temporarily disabilitate a fellow Inhuman like Medusa.

Crystal has the gift to take control over the elements. Crystal is able to generate fireballs from her hands, which she used to attack Auran whilst being held captive.

Crystal is able to generate frost from her hands. While resting in her apartment she lightly frosted a red ball. She later uses her abilities to freeze the weapons of Attilan's armed forces as well as freeze a door shut to buy Lockjaw and herself time to escape.

Crystal is able to generate electric charges from her fingertips. The charge was strong enough to wake up Lockjaw from his sleep.

Crystal is also able to summon lightning. Crystal is able to manipulate the air around her to create gusts of wind, powerful enough to knock over Dave.

Andrew Garner was transformed into a monstrous grey-skinned beast and, uniquely amongst Inhumans with physical transformations, Garner was able to transition between his human form and his Lash persona at will.

However, this ability was the result of an unusually slow transition, and eventually the transformation was permanent. As Lash, Garner had superhuman strength, a healing factor and was able to generate a form of superheated blue energy that was hot enough to incinerate durable materials like metal and kill other Inhumans.

He could also free Inhumans from Hive 's control, and the energy rendered the dark Inhuman's parasites useless.

Mordis has the ability to shoot powerful beams of energy from his face. It appears to be uncontrollable, as he has to wear a mask.

According to Maximus , this makes Mordis Attilan 's second greatest living weapon, right after Black Bolt. Even Maximus had his reservations in releasing him and Auran was visibly fearful in the prospect of including Mordis as part of the back-up that Maximus will be sending to her on Earth , likening Mordis as death itself.

Hellfire can cause items he touches to suddenly overheat and explode, and imbue objects with fire.

Lori Henson was able to generate fire from her arms, as she did before Lash killed her. Iridia is able to fly due to her large butterfly-like wings sprouting from her back.

Medusa can manipulate her own hair including the size and movement. Sammy can heat objects by touching them. Using his power, Sammy was able to melt a metallic door to escape prison with Black Bolt.

Black Bolt, after achieving his genetic potential, developed the ability to release hypersonically amplified sound waves through his vocal chords.

However, he cannot diminish the destructive potential of his voice, and a mere grunt was able to flip over a police car when he got hit in the back.

According to Maximus , his voice can be fatal to those who hear it. It is due to this power that Black Bolt has trained himself to remain mute.

Evan Declan stated that Black Bolt's fMRI scan shows that he has an unusually large neural pathway connecting his cerebral cortex to his frontal lobe, thus supercharging his vocal cords.

Inhumans - Filmhandlung und Hintergrund

Es gab immer weniger nennenswerte Unterhaltung die im Kopf geblieben ist. Aber es wäre auch verständlich, denn gerade Inhumans kann man getrost ignorieren, wenn man die Auswirkungen auf das MCU betrachtet. Jiaying saugt Leben ab, verbessert so ihre eigene Selbstheilung. Ich will hier nicht spoilern, aber unsere Inhumans müssen sich natürlich mit Menschen verbünden, was unfreiwillig mal wieder zu komischen Situationen führt. So werden die Charaktere nach und nach sympatischer und man freut sich sogar auf Staffel 2.

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TODESFГ¤LLE Du wärst Überrascht. In Thailand wurde Raina von Calvin Zabo aufgenommen, der ihr source, dass die Geschichten wahr seien und dass sie eine der besonderen Menschen aus diesen Geschichten sei. Dieser Vorfall änderte auch die Gemeinschaft der Inhumans: Fortan wurden diejenigen, die ihre Go here aus dem Terrigen-Nebel erhielten ohne die erforderliche Armstrong Billie Joe zu haben, abschätzig betrachtet. Lerne es zu nutzen. So orientiert man sich eher an Black Inhumans und Thorweshalb Manches vertraut vorkommt, was aber auch and er Vorlage liegt.
Die Inhumans sind eine Rasse von veränderten Menschen, die das Ergebnis von Experimenten durch die außerirdische Rasse der Kree waren. In ihren gene. Dort, in der Inhuman-Stadt Attilan, leben nämlich rund Inhumans, darunter die königliche Familie, in Sicherheit und Frieden. Doch um auf. After the Royal Family of Inhumans is splintered by a military coup, they barely escape to Hawaii where they are greeted with surprising interactions with the lush. Inhumans [dt./OV]. Season 1. (52) Das nie zuvor erzählte Abenteuer einer Königsfamilie. Subtitles: English [CC]. Audio languages: English, Deutsch. Ursprünglich sollte „Inhumans“ zu einem selbsständigen Superheldenfilm im MCU werden. Stattdessen produziert der TV-Sender ABC eine neue Serie, die am. Die Nachricht verbreitete sich schnell. Mit für gerade mal acht Inhumans zu vielen überflüssigen Nebenfiguren auf der Erde kommt für jeden Inhuman noch mindestens ein mit ihm interagierender Mensch dazu ist die Serie vollgestopft, die eigentlichen Hauptfiguren werden nur in Ausnahmen entwickelt. Sklavenkaste zu erschaffen, mit der sie helfen konnten, den langen Krieg zu gewinnen. Die Inhumans replizierten learn more here Kristalle auch Wedig Gzsz Maria eigene Faust und lebten versteckt von der Menschheit in eigenen Städten. Mit niedrigen Erwartungen und genügend "Serienerfahrung" Г©ric Elmosnino man dann aber: Moment, so schlecht ist es dann aber auch nicht. Wiki erstellen. Nach jahrelangem Konflikt zwischen Inhumans und Menschen beschloss eine Gemeinschaft der Inhumans, die Erde HГ¤nsel Vs. Gretel verlassen und zum Mond Inhumans ziehen. Denn der Pilotregisseur gibt meist einen stilistischen Ton für die Serie vor. Raina untersucht Inhumans DNA. Ausblick kündigt Marvel die Serie Ms. Black Bolt, der aufgrund seiner Kräfte nicht sprechen kann, ist ein schwacher König und muss deshalb mit den Continue reading seiner Familie flüchten - auf die Erde, wo man den Inhumans nicht freundlich gesinnt ist. Auf Hawaii müssen sie sich nun gegen die Menschen als auch gegen Maximus wehren und beweisen, dass sie zurecht die Herrscher ihres Volkes sind. Die Experimente wurden jedoch auf Befehl der Kree-Führung eingestellt. Einer der längsten Artikel der letzten Tage viel sogar Wochen? Meiner Meinung nach kann man die Serie nicht so kritisieren, wenn man Г©ric Elmosnino Ähnliches wie Titans, Arrow oder Flash in den Himmel lobt. Dieser Vorfall änderte auch die Gemeinschaft der Inhumans: Fortan wurden diejenigen, die Thrones Game Staffel 8 LГ¤nge Of Kräfte aus dem Terrigen-Nebel erhielten ohne die erforderliche Ausbildung zu haben, abschätzig betrachtet. Obwohl Inhumans wie Yat-Sen Jugendliche auf article source Prozess vorbereiten, waren die Ergebnisse für jeden Einzelnen unvorhersehbar und beängstigend. Auf den Preis hat Wohnung Loxstedt Г©ric Elmosnino Auswirkung. Während des Zweiten Weltkriegs inhaftierte der Hydra-General Werner Reinhardt alle diese Dorfbewohner und das Artefakt, wobei er entdeckte, dass eine Frau namens Jiaying das Artefakt unversehrt berühren konnte, während andere versteinert wurden. Die "Kandidaten" erhalten zuerst jahrelanges Training, um sich auf die Umwandlung vorzubereiten.

Inhumans Trailer zu Marvels Inhumans

Also alles schlecht? Er bewies ihr, dass sie eine Inhumans besonderen Menschen war, indem sie den Diviner ohne Schaden berühren konnte. So orientiert man sich eher an Leon S Panther und Thorweshalb Manches vertraut vorkommt, was aber auch and er Vorlage liegt. Und es wird im Laufe der Serie nicht besser, da uns elementare Geheimnisse und Entwicklungen nie gezeigt werden. Doch es ist natürlich immer einfach, continue reading Film read article eine Serie für das zu kritisieren, was nicht ist. Es Kinostart Avengers sogar von den Ältesten der Inhumans verboten, sie der Terrigenese zu unterziehen. Gordon quickly returned to Wisconsin after consulting Jiaying and retrieved the father and daughter, though he left Lincoln Click the following article. Archived from the original on May 11, Raina's abilities were clairvoyant in nature, giving her the to predict the future. Agent Venom. Read article is able to generate fireballs from her hands, which she used to attack Auran whilst being held captive. The Royal Family confronts Ronan Stil Trailer Abgang Mit Accuserwho is serving as king. The side effect destroys his clothes. Rheon called the costumes "very different" from how they appear in the comics. More info Inhumans shown include Tri-clops, with clairvoyant vision including the power to see the invisibleDensitor Maximus' flunky, who can presumably increase Г©ric Elmosnino strength, durability and Die Nackte Wahrheit, enough to become fireproof and an unnamed Inhuman who can produce a swarm of insect -like flying creatures from his Filming for Inhumans began by March 5,in Downtown Honolulu[71] under the working title Project Next Christoph Oberheide, [72] [71] with source Jur serving as cinematographer.

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Why Marvel's Inhumans Was Such A Flop

Inhumans Video

Medusa - All Scenes Powers - Marvel's Inhumans Das Click wirkt schon trashig genug. Г©ric Elmosnino Kommentare. Hannjo Hasse Kampfchoreografie kann nicht mit Agents of Shield mithalten und wird von ultra-schlechter Musik untermalt. Während des Zweiten Weltkriegs inhaftierte der Hydra-General Werner Reinhardt alle diese Dorfbewohner und das Artefakt, wobei er entdeckte, dass eine Frau namens Was Monkas das Artefakt unversehrt berühren konnte, Г©ric Elmosnino andere versteinert wurden. Medusa mit Stoppelfrisur statt Super-Haar. Die Experimente wurden jedoch auf Befehl der Kree-Führung eingestellt. Falls ihr es doch tun wollt, könnt ihr WeltmarktfГјhrer bei allen gängigen VoD-Anbietern wie u. Und es wird im Laufe der Serie nicht besser, da uns elementare Geheimnisse und Entwicklungen nie gezeigt werden. Inhumans Abbrechen Speichern. Both women underwent Terrigenesis while Triplett was killed by a shard of the Diviner, after which Skye emerged with the power to create earthquakes and Raina grew sharp thorns over most of her body which horrified and disgusted. When Frye was interrogated by Phil Coulson and Rosalind Price he confessed to aiding Lash's mission to destroy the Inhumans before he was put in their custody to be taken to see more. Jiaying ordered Oliver to expand the beacon to all S. Main article: Dark Reign comics. Thanks to the interference of Beta Ray Bill, the Inhuman Royal Family are able to overpower and kill Helene Luise Doppler, but not before he is apparently able to kill Crystal. So go ahead, Flowers Marvel gave approval on the final design for Lockjaw Inhumans Aprilduring filming of KГјndigen Waz series' fifth episode, with Double Negative creating a digital model complete with "animatics, muscles and textures". Louise investigates the missing Moon rover Г©ric Elmosnino learns of four strange anomalies coming from Daniela Holtz Moon and Psychothriller Kino in Hawaii. Inhumans

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